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Member Premium Contributions for Summer Months

Good Morning, It has come to my attention that the intended double deductions to cover the cost of health care benefit premiums over the summer did not happen as planned in May and June. OTIP has confirmed that benefit premium deductions were made for the months of May and June only—it did not include deductions for July and August. I have been in conversations with both OTIP and the UGDSB on the next steps.

What this means to you

Since you had benefits coverage over the summer months, you will see deductions in September and October.

  • If you are actively working in the 2023-24 school year, the payments will be deducted from your September and October pay.

  • If you’re not actively working in the upcoming school year, OTIP will mail an invoice to you at the mailing address that they have on file.

Similar communication will be coming out shortly from OTIP and will include contact information should you need support with these payments or have questions.


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