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Every Day Counts Survey From UGDSB

May 8th, 2024

Good Afternoon,

Yesterday, the Board (UGDSB) contacted you with an invitation to take part in an employee survey (see below). This brief survey, which guarantees anonymity, pertains to ongoing discussions between the employer and leaders of employee groups/Bargaining Unit Presidents across all affiliated groups within Upper Grand.

The primary aim of the survey is to gather firsthand data and insights into the potential causes behind the notable rise in absenteeism rates across the system.

During the survey's development, the Board actively sought and integrated proposals from some employee group leaders. The intention is for this survey to offer members a direct and unfiltered platform to communicate with the Board about factors that could be contributing to increased absenteeism. I urge you to participate in the survey and provide your feedback to your employer in a professional and candid manner.

While we acknowledge there are numerous valid reasons why members may be absent from their regular duties, such as professional development opportunities and training, there are occasions when the challenges appear more intricate and elusive. It is hoped that the insights you share in the survey will aid in a better understanding of the complexities contributing to rising absenteeism.

Thank you in advance for your anonymous participation. I look forward to updating our members regarding the survey’s findings in the near future. 

Please take a moment to complete the survey by clicking this link:


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