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L37:01  (a)      An employee wishing to apply for a transfer to an equivalent                 position, same category, at another work location shall send an application for transfer letter to the Human Resources Department with a copy to the Union and the immediate supervisor by April 15th each year, for consideration for transfer     to a permanent vacancy which occurs between May 1st and the following              April 30th. Such letter shall include the following information:


                              i) the position the employee presently holds;


                             ii) the specific school, or position type, to which the employee                                           would like to be transferred, in order of preference with a

                                  maximum of two possible transfer locations.


 It is understood that for the purpose of this clause, “category” means positions at the same salary level with equivalent standards for experience  and qualifications.


            (b) An employee is eligible for only one voluntary transfer per school year.


            (c) When a permanent position is to be filled the following process shall be                      used in order:


                           i) transfer of employee who has submitted a transfer letter in                                          order of  seniority, from most senior to least senior, if the

                              employee is qualified to  hold the position;


                          ii) unless a transfer request has been withdrawn prior to a position                                becoming available, the employee must accept the transfer, if                                       offered.    

                              This provision may be waived at the Board’s discretion;


                          iii) posting the position as per Article 38, Job Postings.


If there is no request for transfer on file, the board shall post the position as outlined in Article 38, Job Postings.

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