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All meetings and events held by OSSTF/FEESO are subject to our anti-harassment policy. All participants of these events must be made aware of the policy and a copy of the policy must be made available. In addition, an anti-harassment officer must be appointed to handle any complaints made in regards to harassment.


          Anti-Harassment Policy

          Anti-Harassment Policy -read aloud version


  OSSTF District 18 ESSP/ECE BU Anti-Harassment Policy

A member of OSSTF has the right to a workplace and union environment free from harassment and bullying. Harassment and discrimination are not joking matters. They have a destructive effect on the workplace environment, individual well being, and union solidarity. Such actions are not only destructive, they can be illegal. Harassment and discrimination can take many forms and may be verbal, physical or psychological. They can involve a wide range of actions including comments, gestures or looks, pictures, messages, touching, or more aggressive actions. These acts may be indirect or overt; they may be isolated or repeated.

However, acts of harassment and discrimination are always degrading, unwelcome and coercive; they are always unacceptable. As members of OSSTF, our goal must be to protect human rights, to promote mutual respect and trust, and to foster inclusion. We cannot condone or tolerate intimidating, demeaning, hostile and aggressive behavior against another member. We cannot condone these behaviours when we witness them. As OSSTF members, we must speak up against the conduct and stand together to protect human rights. We must take action.

OSSTF is committed to strengthening members’ solidarity, and in addition to represent members’ interests in the workplace, takes seriously its own responsibility to ensure that members are treated with respect and dignity at all sponsored OSSTF events and meetings.


Any member who feels targeted by harassment or discrimination must be able to speak up and know their concerns will be responded to immediately in accordance with District 18 ESSP/ECE Polices and Bylaws and the Resolutions and Complaint Procedure


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