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Online Reporting -How To

All UGDSB staff have the responsibility to report accidents, violent incidents and occupational illnesses to their immediate Supervisors.

Note: if you are injured as a result of a violent incident, ONLY the Employee Violent Incident Report is required to be completed, a separate Employee Incident / Accident Report is NOT required.

It is the responsibility of the employee to report, complete and submit the appropriate form following an incident / accident.

Principals/Supervisors are required to investigate all incidents / accidents.

If you are reporting about a child, you will need their age/birth date, gender, if there have been plans put into place, and their full name. 

How to find the report


Step 1.  in a web browser go to


Step 2. Login with your board user id and password. If you do not know either of these, please contact the Help Desk number on this page. 


Step 4. To continue to submit an accident/incident report choose Health and Safety.


Step 3. Choose Links in the menu and then choose "Incident/Accident reporting"


Step 5: Welcome to the Staff Online Reporting System. Here you will find access to the Health and Safety and Ministry of Education incident reporting forms to be completed and submitted electronically. Supervisors, as well as staff, are required to report and investigate all employee reported workplace incidents. Any questions, please click on the help button for more information. 

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