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Presidents Message on Bargaining Pathway

Happy Friday! I am writing to you today regarding the extremely important provincial vote on the “Pathway to Bargaining”. I can't impress upon you all enough how vitally important it is to have every Educational Assistant, SPA, and Early Childhood Educator in this bargaining unit take part in this vote. After participating in the town halls and leadership meetings I support the direction of our Provincial Executive on this matter and believe this is the best path for ESSP/ECE members. This bargaining pathway which involves binding arbitration, was also overwhelmingly endorsed by Presidents and Chief negotiators across the OSSTF organization at a meeting on August 25, 2023. Since then, there have been 3 province-wide town halls to facilitate questions and provide additional information. Locally we will be having an in-person information meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 20th at the Fergus Community Centre and there will be one more province-wide town hall on Saturday, September 23 at 1:00 p.m., you can log into that meeting here I strongly encourage you to attend one of these sessions. In every round of bargaining, there are strategies and pathways that are chosen. Every round is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Currently, this model and this pathway are being offered because the leadership believes they are the right for this round of bargaining. A yes vote will indicate you support the leadership entering this pathway. A no vote will indicate that you would like to continue with traditional bargaining, which will lead to a strike vote, future job action, and the potential for a strike or lockout. It is up to you, the members, to decide which way you believe is the best way forward. This vote could change the direction of bargaining. I firmly believe that each member has the right to their own opinion, and each member counts for one vote. Please consider all sides of this issue and make an informed decision. I am available by e-mail at or by phone at 519-835-0031 if you have any questions regarding this important vote. In solidarity, Cheryl Please understand all ESSP/ECE members must go online to the provincial website to vote. If you are having issues logging into your OSSTF account, please call 1-800-267-7867 for assistance. New employees of school boards hired this year, would need to complete the steps below to be able to vote: 1. Create an account on the OSSTF/FEESO provincial website. To create your account, click on the yellow box on the top right-hand side of the provincial website. Then click on “Member Login” on the next page. Under the section “Member ID/Email” click on “Register now”. Fill in the sections marked with a red asterisk, confirm you are not a robot, and click “sign up”. Please use a non-employer email address. 2. Send proof of employment to (this could be a letter from the board, pay stub, welcome email from Principal or Supervisor etc.) 3. After these two steps are completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to finalize the verification process. We will attempt to have a response within 48 hours.

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