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Member Engagement Committee

To: All Members (permanent and casual)**Virtual MeetingsThe ESSP/ECE Executive is looking for additional Active Members to serve on the Member Engagement Committee as per the below motion passed at Executive on October 18, 2023

Member Engagement Committee

BIRT ESSP/ECE Executive approve the creation of an ESSP/ECE Member Engagement Ad-hoc Committee consisting of up to eight (8) members at large and two (2) Executive members. This Ad-hoc committee would meet to discuss, organize, plan, and implement member engagement activities.

This committee will report back to the ESSP/ECE Executive.These meetings will be held virtually

Interested Members are asked to send an email indicating their desire to be part of this committee no later than 4:00 pm on December 13, 2023, to the attention of Cheryl Lampkin (, ESSP/ECE President 

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