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Call for participants: Survey on Violence & Harassment

For Action

Earlier this year, OSSTF/FEESO encouraged members to participate in a study on workplace violence that the Federation commissioned through a research company called Stratcom. That study is nearing completion and we anticipate releasing its findings in the upcoming months. Normally, we try to avoid overloading members with too many studies, but the issue of workplace violence is so important and so urgent that we are already encouraging members to take part in another study on the subject. The new study is being conducted independently and led by two academics, Chris Bruckert and Darcy Santor, both of whom are affiliated with the University of Ottawa.

According to the researchers: “The goal of the current study is to document the prevalence of, and response to, different types of violence and harassment experienced by workers in the education sector. Specific aims include examining how rates and impacts have changed since the pandemic and understanding the unique experiences of equity-deserving and sovereignty-seeking groups.” This project has the potential to be the largest study of its kind in Ontario’s history as a number of other unions are also encouraging their members to participate. The study is open to all OSSTF/FEESO education workers and teachers, from K-12 and post-secondary worksites. It is also available in both French and English. Please consider taking a few minutes to complete the survey whether you have directly experienced violence or not. This type of research is essential to raising awareness about violence and advocating for supports and practices that keep you and your colleagues safe.

Click here to take the survey: If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Chris Samuel, Policy Analyst/Researcher ( If you have questions about the study itself, contact Darcy Santor (

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