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Parents of Black Children ‘Combatting Anti-Black Racism

Educators Took-Kit/Workshop – October 30, 1pm.


About this event

Available in both English and French, PoBC's Combating Anti-Black Racism Educators Tool-Kit provides a context for rich, culturally reflective critical thinking, talking points for those who may question the existence of systemic racism and a list of texts that you can use to build your knowledge as you actively seek to be a collaborator in the struggle for justice and equity for all students.

To prepare you to use this kit effectively, we invite you to attend our workshop.

During this workshop, you will “lean into your growing edge” as you

  • Review anti-racist theory and praxis

  • Learn about anti-oppressive teaching and learning practises

  • Work with your peers to assess and revise curriculum through a cultural responsive lens

  • Identify 3 goals as next steps to accomplish throughout this school year

Join us as we explore practical ways to implement PoBC's Combating Anti-Black Racism Educators Tool-Kit into your teaching and learning journey. As the mandate of PoBC is to support Black children, the Combating Anti-Black Racism Educators Tool-Kit aims to help you to examine the critical role played by educators in the lives and educational trajectory of Black students. In so doing, POBC continues to bolster efforts to enrich the educational experience of all learners.

By participating in this workshop, you will become more cognizant of your biases and you will continue the work to reject anti-Black racism wherever it exists within your circles of influence. This toolkit is an invaluable resource to help deepen your anti-oppressive culturally responsive pedagogy.



Urban Alliance on Race Relations “Racial Justice Summit 2021”


About this event

Urban Alliance on Race Relations would like to invite you to our virtual event: “Racial Justice Summit 2021: Pandemic Awakening: What's next?” which will be happening on November 17th and 18th. This event is co-hosted by the Urban Alliance on Race Relations and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.  


The Summit aims to convene racial justice advocates from diverse backgrounds to engage in dialogue, learn from one another, and build relationships and collaborations to enhance their work in the field. 


We will be exploring a variety of themes that examine racial justice in the context of health, policing, education, media, government, and employment. Each one-hour panel will be followed by an interactive group dialogue to collectively map solutions to take back to our communities. 


Join the conversation and engage with thought leaders, institutional representatives, and community advocates:

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President's MESSAGE WEEK 20

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Upper Grand ESSP/ECE Bargaining Unit

Welcome to OSSTF.

You belong to and are a proud member of one of the finest education unions in Ontario. District 18 is comprised of 7 Bargaining Units, each run individually but are connected through our District Office. 


You will be working alongside many other OSSTF members.  Secondary School teachers, office, clerical, and technical workers (secretaries, office professionals, and IT support), Professional Student Support Personnel (social workers, child and youth workers, attendance counsellors, psych support), Catholic Board EA, ECE, PSSP, Catholic Board office, clerical, technical and of course your own Bargaining Unit which includes Early Childhood Educators working in our Early Learning Kindergartens and Educational Assistants working with special needs, ESL, Speech and Language, Cafeteria/Bakery/Pool and Technical. 

Simply put, we are committed to protecting and enhancing public education. This results in the greatest good for both our members and our province. 

This is because:

  • Without a strong public education system, our diverse, open, and prosperous society is threatened.

  • Without highly capable, dedicated teachers and educational workers, student success is jeopardized. 

  • And without positive learning and working conditions, educational progress is undermined. 

As one of the most powerful, progressive forces in the educational community, OSSTF/FESSO can back up its beliefs with action - and really make a difference. All our efforts to protect and enhance public education are founded on the value of public education and the five principles required to sustain it. Your Executive is here for you, so don't hesitate to call us if you need anything!  All the best in the coming school year!

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