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Upper Grand ESSP/ECE Bargaining Unit

Welcome to OSSTF.

You belong to and are a proud member of one of the finest education unions in Ontario. District 18 is comprised of 7 Bargaining Units, each run individually but are connected through our District Office. 


You will be working alongside many other OSSTF members.  Secondary School teachers, office, clerical, and technical workers (secretaries, office professionals, and IT support), Professional Student Support Personnel (social workers, child and youth workers, attendance counsellors, psych support), Catholic Board EA, ECE, PSSP, Catholic Board office, clerical, technical and of course your own Bargaining Unit which includes Early Childhood Educators working in our Early Learning Kindergartens and Educational Assistants working with special needs, ESL, Speech and Language, Cafeteria/Bakery/Pool and Technical. 

Simply put, we are committed to protecting and enhancing public education. This results in the greatest good for both our members and our province. 

This is because:

  • Without a strong public education system, our diverse, open, and prosperous society is threatened.

  • Without highly capable, dedicated teachers and educational workers, student success is jeopardized. 

  • And without positive learning and working conditions, educational progress is undermined. 

As one of the most powerful, progressive forces in the educational community, OSSTF/FESSO can back up its beliefs with action - and really make a difference. All our efforts to protect and enhance public education are founded on the value of public education and the five principles required to sustain it. Your Executive is here for you, so don't hesitate to call us if you need anything!  All the best in the coming school year!

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