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Attendance Management

How To Respond

If, after a few absences from work, you are called to the Principal’s office for an ‘interview’, contact your school’s Federation branch rep. Ask them to accompany you to meet the Principal at a time that both of you can be there. The Principal is obliged to let you know you have a right to have the rep with you. The Board, and the Principal know that asking for your representative isn’t a ‘big deal’, as they know that we insist on it at District office. Refusing your right to have your representative present is a grievable issue.

The Principal can only ask in a general way about why you were absent. You have a right to privacy about your medical information and the Board is very aware of this. They are NOT allowed to quiz you on the nature of your illness. It is none of their business.

The Principal has a ‘script’ for the interview which is short and to the point.

So, what do you say in the interview with the principal?

You are obliged to provide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, but you should not under any circumstances provide any details. First, the Principal has no right to know details, because that is your legally private information. Second, you do not want to provide any ‘ammunition’ that might be used against you later. Say nothing before you get your Branch Rep to sit in with you.

If you have any questions about this policy, contact your Branch Representative or Bargaining Unit President.


The questions are:

1. Were you off because you were sick?

You only need to reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’

2. Were your sicknesses related to an ongoing condition?

Again, a ‘yes’ or no’ answer is all you must provide

3. Is this pattern of illness likely to persist into the future?

Well, an honest answer is probably that you don’t know, or perhaps you're simply getting older.

A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is all you need to provide. If you say it is something that will interfere with future attendance, they can refer you to the Board’s Wellness Manager, who will want to speak with you about how to improve the situation.


If this occurs, please let us know at the District office.

Contact the district office for assistance, please call 519 843 4043

Cheryl Lampkin (President) x225   (office)

519.835.0031 (cell)  


Grievance Process

What is a Grievance?

Can only be filed for a violation of the collective agreement.

The OSSTF District 18 ESSP/ECE Bargaining Unit files and controls the grievance, not the member.

What is NOT a Grievance?

Member to member conflict.

When a member is upset or just doesn’t like something but there is no violation of the collective agreement.

How are issues resolved?

Serious and clear violations of the collective agreement are filed and hopefully resolved with the grievance process.

When losing a grievance would be more detrimental than not pursuing it, other possibilities may be explored.

Labour Management meetings are sometimes the preferred and more efficient way to resolve an issue.

What is the process?

There are 4 possible steps in the grievance process. Often the grievance can be resolved in the first step.

A grievance follows specific timelines. Usually within 7 days after the grievance officer becomes aware of the violation of the collective agreement a grievance may be filed.

If you become aware of an issue, make specific notes and forward them to the Grievance Officer as soon as possible.

Contact the district office for assistance, please call 519 843 4043

Cheryl Lampkin (President) x225   (office)

519.835.0031 (cell)  

The grievance process can be downloaded as a PDF

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