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Benefits for Permanent .5 or Full-Time.

Your Federation has contracted OTIP to provide a wide range of benefits that you can access.  If you need to know what the benefits include, OTIP has an online benefits booklet that you can view. 


Simply go to the link for  OTIP, click on ‘Group Benefits Coverage’  You will arrive at a web page that gives you the option of viewing health or dental claims, long term disability or  other benefits.  You will need to log in to access detailed information. 


Your group plan number is 0084539, your subscriber number is your Upper Grand employee number and you need to create a password for access. 


The site also has downloadable claims forms which you can print off.

A full copy of the Benefits contract can be viewed on OTIP's website, log into the benefits section with your credentials - from the landing page select My Claims and a copy can be found under the top tabs:


Additional resources available through our Benefit Plan:

               Appeals Process

               CarePath Services 

               Feeling Better Now

               Leaves and your Long Term Disability


               EAP - Employee Assistance Program      

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