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Welcome Back!

Wow! That went by quickly! Who else was awake all night? I feel the anticipation makes it difficult to sleep, it always seems there is something that contributes to my brain school, new partner, new principal, new schedule, new students, new colleagues, a new round of bargaining, etc. I am looking forward to a good sleep tonight. I hope you are not too exhausted at the end of today and we hope you found some time to relax and recharge over the summer! We are all back in the office today and ready to answer emails and phone calls. Our team has changed a bit with Cindy retiring. Here is who is in the office and how to reach us... Cheryl Lampkin / / 519-835-0031 All member issues, concerns, and support. Questions on leaves, personal, family care/illness, UAD, 411 Laura Tremble / / 519-835-4970 Laura will be supporting members with sick leave, LTD, WSIB and return to work, and personal workplace accommodations Cathy Bruder / / 519-573-6461 Cathy is our chief negotiator, she is preparing for this round of bargaining and will support members on collective agreement questions and concerns Julie Wagner / / 226-962-7508 Julie is our health and safety expert. Julie will support members with health and safety concerns (Violent Incident reporting, accident reporting, working with Laura on WSIB, and supporting members with Parental and maternity leave. We also wanted to give you the heads-up that several emails will come out over the next few days. Please take time to read them and check with the EA/SPA/ECEs at your worksites that they have received them; we have many casual members and they may or may not be getting communication. As always we are here to support you, please contact us if you are running into any issues now or as the days start to unfold. We are wishing you all the best for the 2022-23 school year! Yours in solidarity, Cheryl

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