All Permanent members have access to five (5) Unpaid Absence days. When this was bargained it was with the understanding that the language is not inside the Collective Agreement. This has to do with the old VLAP language and the Government not wanting VLAP to continue and making that clear to school boards. In order for us to achieve UAD (Unpaid absence days) in bargaining, we had to agree to keep the language outside of the Collective Agreement. Permanent members must request this leave on the portal, the same spot the 411 is requested, and the criteria is given when you select your job class. We also share the criteria with members every school year. How to get to the portal see the link below. https://mcusercontent.com/fd92d8e08ce1d6b287b53b308/files/08b675d9-ec43-d8e8-de0e-f761d6ef635f/Leave_UAD_Request_Flow_Chart.pdf Below you will find the criteria for UAD, it is non-negotiable, must be approved by HR, and absolutely DO NOT book any trip before you hear from HR. Your PRINCIPALS signature of support is NOT approval. If you do not meet the criteria you will be denied and I can not change that decision.

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