The Newly Elected

ESSP/ECE Executive 2021-2023, CBC Committee, AMPA Delegates/Alternates

Please find below the acclaimed and elected members for the Executive, CBC Committee, and AMPA Delegates and Alternates for 2021-2023 declared at the ESSP/ECE AGM on June 7, 2021

ESSP/ECE Executive Members

President Cheryl Lampkin - Acclaimed

1st Vice-President Laura Tremble - Acclaimed

2nd Vice President Cathy Bruder - Acclaimed

Secretary Shelley Matson - Acclaimed

Treasurer Cindy Scholten - Acclaimed

ECE Officer VACANT -To Be Appointed

EA Officer Laura Byers - Acclaimed

Health and Safety Officer Julie Wagner - Acclaimed

Education Services Officer Ange Billings - Acclaimed

Pay Equity Officer Ivy Woods - Acclaimed

Casual EA/RECE Officer Cindi Feener - Elected

CBC Committee Members

CBC Committee Cindi Feener - Elected

CBC Committee Alissa Pearson - Elected

CBC Committee Elizabeth Andrews - Elected

CBC Committee Ivy Woods - Elected

CBC Committee Shelley Matson - Elected

CBC Committee Laura Tremble - Elected

AMPA Delegates and Alternates

Delegate Elizabeth Andrews - Acclaimed

Delegate Laura Tremble - Acclaimed

Delegate Alissa Pearson - Acclaimed

Delegate John Potoska - Elected

Delegate Cathy Bruder - Elected

Delegate Nicole Clark - Elected

Alternate Cindi Feener - Elected

Alternate Cindy Scholten - Elected

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