Seeking Nominations for the District Award of Merit

The District Executive Council is seeking nominations for the District Award of Merit, an annual award given to worthy candidates in recognition of outstanding contributions to education. Nominees for this award must meet the eligibility criteria below. To nominate a member please fill in the nomination form accompanied by a detailed summary of their contribution to education in District 18 based on 1 or more of the criteria below.


  • members will be eligible for the Award of Merit if they have been employed by the Board and have been a member of the District for at least one (1) school year (September to June) prior to receiving the award,

  • the number of recipients (if any) of the award shall be at the discretion of the Reviewing Committee, and

  • the Reviewing Committee should not be concerned with the Bargaining Unit of the candidates.


The candidates should be judged upon their outstanding contribution to education in the following area(s):

  • development of innovative/creative programs,

  • professional Contributions,

  • dedication to excellence in the workplace, and

  • contributions beyond the normal job expectations.

Completed nomination forms and summaries must be sent to the Bargaining Unit President by 4:30 pm on April 1, 2022. Nomination Form Click Here The winner(s) of the District Award of Merit will be presented with the award at the District 18 Retirement Dinner on Wednesday, June 9, 2022, starting at 4:30 pm

Nomination Form

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