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School Union Rep 2023-2024

Welcome back everyone, We hope the first two weeks are going well and you are starting to find your groove.

We are looking at confirming school union reps for this school year. School rep positions follow a two-year cycle. Our goal is to have school reps remain in the position for two years, with last year (2022-23) being year one and the training year and this year being year two (2023-24).

It's not a huge commitment to be a school rep and we don't expect you to deal with difficult issues in your school but each work site must have an ESSP/ECE rep (only one member per school) and we will support you every step of the way. School reps also receive a $10/month honorarium paid to them at the end of the year for the months they fulfilled the role.

We understand members do not always stay in the same school worksite and sometimes members need to step down for personal reasons. If you are choosing to step down, please connect with colleagues and determine who will replace you. If your rep has moved to a new school/worksite we need other members to put their names forward for this role. Talk to all EA and ECE members at your worksite and determine who is the current rep or to determine if a new rep needs to be selected. If more than one person is interested, you can have an anonymous vote to determine which individual will be the rep. The idea is to reach a consensus. **New reps will be required to attend rep training this year.

Please confirm or select a new rep by September 25th by 4:00 p.m. and communicate that with us.

Attached is a brief synopsis of the responsibilities of the school rep.

Please use the link below to send the Rep name and personal email to Cheryl Lampkin

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