Questionnaire for BIPOC Members

The following questionnaire has been created by the District 18 OSSTF Anti-racism workgroup. The content of this questionnaire will engage with issues of racism and exclusion in the workplace. The aim of the workgroup is to:

a) conduct local research into racism, specifically anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, toward D18 members;

b) explore ways in which District Executive Council (DEC) can better support and advocate for racialized D18 members;

c) offer DEC advice on the next steps for anti-racism work in the District. Information shared in this questionnaire will be used by the workgroup to inform the next steps for our District leaders at the Annual General Meeting of District 18 in May 2021.

This questionnaire is only for BIPOC members (Black, Indigenous, Persons of Colour) of District 18's ESSP/ECE, WC-ESS/ECE, PSSP, OCT, WC-OCT, OT, and TBU.

While the anti-racism workgroup will be acting upon the information provided, the data collected from this survey will be held confidentially, separate from all other OSSTF member data. It will only be reported upon in aggregate and it will be aggregated in a way that ensures no individual can be identified.

Support Staff Questionnaire:

The anti-racism workgroup will meet on Tuesday, March 9th to review the data collected in the questionnaire. Please complete the survey by this date.


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