President's Message week of Oct. 25th 2021

New Collective Agreement

Did You Know...?

WOW – Working Ontario Women News Program

New Collective Agreement Language

Each week we will share new or revised language in our Collective Agreement. We will start with the UAD language. UAD is Unpaid Absence days. Permanent members can request up to 5 unpaid days each school year. Please be aware of the criteria for requesting these days! We can not stress upon you enough to get your time approved before booking any holiday. That could be an expensive mistake. If you can not find the request form at your school office please contact us in the union office directly!

Did You Know? Did you know…?

  • “When a student poses an ongoing physical risk to self or others … or having a history of violent and aggressive behaviours directed towards self or others, a Student Safety Plan must be developed.” (source: UGDSB Policy 413-A Safety (Behaviour Prevention and Intervention)

  • Members are strongly advised to follow the Board's “hands-off” policy with students. This means, do not touch students unless it is a last resort and they are harming themselves or hurting others. Any circumstances involving “hands-on” (including hand holding) must be clearly written in the Student’s Safety Plan and described in detail including staff names.

  • Do not physically transport a student (from place to place) if they are refusing to move independently. Unsanctioned transport of students can develop into a dangerous and high-risk injury situation for both staff and students.

  • When you have had to restrain a student in any capacity a Physical Intervention Report Form must be completed. See attached...

  • Internal or clean catheterization is not to be done by Educational Assistants/Special Program Assistants.

  • No showering/bathing of students. No fingernail clipping/fingernail cleaning. No cleaning of ears.

  • Student’s soiled (urine or feces) clothing should be double-bagged and sent home for laundering.

  • The Accident/Incident Witness Report (on UGShare) should be completed if you are a witness to an accident or incident. Administrators must provide time for them to be completed during the workday.

Health and Safety Concerns? Contact: Julie Wagner Health and Safety Officer Email: Phone: 226-962-7508 WOW – Working Ontario Women News Program In concert with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA), OSSTF/FEESO will be sponsoring a new public affairs program through Working Ontario Women (WOW) which will offer news dedicated to issues important to working women and their families, titled “UNinvited: Working Ontario Women News.” With the lack of women’s issues news programming on television, radio, print, and social media, our three (3) unions, all with strong majorities of women members, believe it’s time that women had a more prominent voice and we’re proud to sponsor this news program. UNinvited will report on important topics, like how we make the economy work for working women. There will also be in-depth stories about women and their families, including childcare, publicly-funded education, healthcare, and long-term care. The program will demonstrate the strength of women but also the challenges women face in the pandemic and post-pandemic world. The program will speak truth to government and society. The program will feature prominent community guests and be hosted by former CP24 reporter and anchor Karman Wong. It will also amplify the voices of everyday women through its digital broadcast platform, in a segment called I’m Speaking. The program will be available free to the public on the WOW News webpage. Beginning on the morning of Sunday, September 26, 2021, UNinvited will stream on WOW’s YouTube channel twice per month.

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