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President's Message June 27, 2024

PD Day Tomorrow

If you are a casual member currently working in an LTO, you are expected to be at work tomorrow and will be paid.***Displaced/transferred Permanent members, if you are wondering which school you should report to tomorrow, that is a discussion between you and your Principal. Talk with them and create a plan. There is no rule or language for this.

Applying for EI and ROEs

Permanent members, the Board will process the final pay (deposit July 5th), and ROEs will be issued between July 4th and 8th. 

Casual and LTO members, your final pay (deposit July 19th ) and ROEs will be issued between July 18th and 23rd. Please contact payroll to determine if you will be paid for the STAT. You must also claim it on your EI application if you are being paid for it.

There is no EI code, and the board will submit your ROE electronically. If you want things to be processed by EI quickly, we strongly encourage you to wait until the Board has submitted the ROE. You can check your MY SERVICE CANADA account to see if it is there when you go to apply. If you apply tomorrow, your application could be delayed due to the missing ROE.

1. Permanent members: who received vacation pay in May, youDO NOTclaim this as vacation pay when applying for EI. It's already on your ROE. The question will be, "Did you receive vacation pay?"the answer is NOThis also applies to anyone, permanent or casual, who received Bill 124 remedy and Central Agreement retro payments; they are already captured on your ROE.

2. Permanent members will be paid for Canada Day. You will receive STAT pay; the answer to this question is YES

3. Early Childhood Educators must sayNOto the question about teaching the curriculum. We know you do, but this question is specific to casual teachers who apply for EI in the summer and does not apply to you.Say NO!

If you have questions or concerns regarding your EI application, please get in touch with EI directly. We are not EI specialists and can not answer your questions. Please call them. If you need help resolving your issue with EI, your next step is to contact yourFederal MP. They can help you; that is one of their many jobs.

First Day Back

Our first day back is September 3rd. There are no PD days before Labour Day, but September 3rd is a PD day.

If you are asked to come in before the first day (transition meetings, etc.), and we agree you should be there, you should be paid for this time. If you are being asked to volunteer your time, you can and should say no! That doesn't make you a bad team member; it just means you know your worth.

In Solidarity,


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