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President's Message

June 5th, 2024

Good Morning,

I understand many of you have questions or concerns about the Bill 124 remedy appearing on your pay stubs.

If you notice missing time, specifically from when you were in casual or LTO roles, I clarified this morning that this time will be captured in a separate pay stub that will be issued today. This will be late today, as it was yesterday. This separate handling was necessary to account for vacation pay calculations and because OMERS and LTD deductions were not applicable.

Casual members who worked during the eligible period will also receive their pay stubs today.

Please note that this retroactive payment does not include the adjustments from 2022 to the present (Central Agreement Award for Education Workers). Those adjustments will be reflected in the pay stub issued for June 21, 2024.

The hourly rate on your current pay stub does not include the dollar-an-hour adjustments. These adjustments will be applied in the next pay stub.

If you still have questions or concerns, please email the payroll department at and copy me. This will help us track and address your concerns more efficiently.

Please be patient, kind, and understanding. The payroll department is handling a significant volume of work and may take some time to respond.

As always, I'm free to answer your calls and emails. Please refrain from texting or sending messages via Facebook, as we need to maintain a record of all conversations and can easily lose track of messages sent through these channels.

In solidarity,

Cheryl 519-835-0031

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