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Week 5 Update The past two weeks have been extremely hard on many members as the staffing committee has worked through reorganization. This has been the most challenging process and the impact on members we acknowledge has been the most difficult. While we are currently in a layoff position for both job classes,  fortunately all permanent members are currently placed in an assignment. Although some assignments are temporary assignments no permanent member is without work or losing benefits or pension.  We also recognize the impact on our casual members in LTO assignments who have returned to the daily list or moved to new locations. Thank you for all you do, you are appreciated. Union Release Officer Hours The office hours for union release officers are from 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday. We recognize that things may come up outside of these times and you may need to call and leave a message or send an email. We will return your call/message as soon as possible during office hours.  Please remember when emailing union release officers to use a personal email address NOT a board email address. Breaks and Lunches Breaks and Lunches for  Eas and ECEs are collectively bargained and must follow that language. Please do not agree to break and lunch-times that do not follow this language. All EA and ECE members working a full day are entitled to: Two 15 minute breaks and one 1/2 hour break (uninterrupted). The 15-minute breaks are to be scheduled mid-morning and mid-afternoon and the lunch break is to be scheduled as close to the middle of the day as possible. The two 15 min breaks may be combined into a 30-minute break if scheduling requires. Therefore allowing for two 30 minute breaks one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. This happens most for Early Childhood Educator members who CAN NOT have breaks scheduled during the instructional day. Breaks CAN NOT be scheduled at the start of your day or at the end of your day. A single 1-hour break is not agreed upon language and either is a split of one 20 and one 40 or one 15 and one 45. If the break/lunch schedule is an issue at your location please contact us as soon as possible. Health & Safety Officer This school year we have additional support in the office from our Health and Safety Officer Julie Wagner. Julie has been part of our executive for close to 10 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge on all things health and safety. Given the challenges this year, our executive agreed that having our health and safety officer readily available to members during this unprecedented time would be a tremendous asset.  Julie will be reaching out to school reps starting this week to introduce herself and ask a few questions related to health and safety at your school. Please return her call or email as soon as possible. Additionally, if any member has questions or concerns related to health and safety at your school site we encourage you to reach out to Julie either by email or phone. or 226-962-7508 Labour Day Stat Pay It has been brought to our attention that LTO members who worked before and after labour day were not correctly paid for the labour day stat. Instead of being paid for 6.5 hours, LTO members were paid for 1 hour. The board is now aware and the error is being corrected. Payroll is hoping to have the 5 hours added by the next pay, however, it may be the last pay in October. If you have any questions please contact me directly. *Members should be reviewing their pay stubs at each pay period Raise The 1% per year pay increase for three years that was bargained for members in the last round of central bargaining will not be paid until a local agreement is ratified. We are working with the board to set dates to bargain and will keep members posted as we proceed through the process, unfortunately with COVID and the challenging start-up this has been delayed. Once we ratify our local agreement members will receive the increase retroactively. Upper Grand Employee Assistance Program If you are finding yourself or a family member or a colleague is needing additional support or resources please refer to the board's employee and family assistance program. This service is free and confidential. The board is not given the names of members who are using the service. It has been a challenging year with COVID and many of us are dealing with other challenges unrelated to COVID. This resource may be of help to members who need it.

Access the Upper Grand District School Board’s Employee & Family Assistance Program 24/7 by phone, web or mobile app 1-800-387-4765  |

Yours in solidarity,


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