Pivot news - Jan. 3rd 2022

Thanks, everyone for your patience as we gather more information on what to expect in the coming days.

The Board has indicated it will not consider a return to in-person learning for Spec Ed students prior to January 10th. The Board does not believe that in-person is ideal for anyone but is required by the Ministry to look at students individually. Principals have been given an explicit script to follow when contacting these families that recommends remote learning as the best decision. That being said there may still be some families that can not be supported remotely and the Board will consider the next steps at this point. They recognize this is different than in past situations and feel they need to respond differently. Regardless, the board has indicated that no in-person will occur until the non-fit N95 masks are available at work sites. The Board is also looking at options to get vaccination prioritized for all. I made it very clear that many members in these classrooms feel their health and safety are not a priority and they are being sacrificed and that we do not support any member being required to attend in person at this time. We will continue to advocate remote for all.

Mask exemptions for students will need to be approved by either Director Peter Sovran or Superintendent Brent McDonald. These will no longer be approved at the school level.

At this time the Board is still working on a plan for casuals. They will keep us informed as a plan is developed.

Please refer to past parameters for your job class for remote learning and supporting students. At this time these guidelines have not changed.

If you require technology to work remotely contact your admin. If you do not have internet access at home you may report to your worksite to do so.

More information on isolation protocols for individuals and families will be coming as the Board gets clarification from public health.

Again we find ourselves in a difficult time and appreciate that none of this is ideal for anyone. Please reach out with specific questions or concerns and we will do our best to work through them with you.


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