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5 steps to building the perfect backyard oasis Spending more time at home during the pandemic has caused many Canadians to start dreaming about backyard renovations. In 2021, Canadians are projected to spend a collective $76 billion on renovations, up from $60 billion in pre-pandemic years.1 Whether you’re adding or renovating a fence, patio, swimming pool, deck or landscaping, crafting your own personal backyard oasis can be an exciting project. Before you start, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make your project run smoothly. Learn more at https://www.otipinsurance.com/article121

Protect yourself against insurance fraud Simply put, the impact of fraud on the car insurance industry is staggering. It’s easy to dismiss insurance fraud as something that will never impact you, but in reality, it ends up costing insurers $1.6 billion each year. These costs ultimately are paid for by the insurance company and the policyholders – many of which are completely innocent.1 Can you believe that on average, $236 of your annual car insurance premium goes towards paying for the illegal activities of fraudsters?1 Being informed and learning how to recognize fraud is one way to help reduce these costs. Learn more at https://www.otipinsurance.com/article122.

Welcome back to school. You’ve got this!

OTIP has your back with insurance coverage, helpful tips and exclusive offers, designed just for you!

You may be most familiar with OTIP (Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan), as the provider of your group health and dental benefits. Did you know that we also offer personal insurance coverage? As members of the Ontario education community, you are eligible for exclusive rates on home and auto insurance. Plus, we offer the added convenience of an in-house claims services. If you are retiring soon, OTIP offers three retiree health, dental and travel insurance plans to choose from.

As members of the Ontario education community, you also have access to exclusive contests, promotions and special offers, including Edvantage--your exclusive savings program. Get access to discounts on household brands, travel, financial services and more!

Read on to learn more about what OTIP has to offer you.

Learn more at https://www.otipinsurance.com/article123.

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