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OTIP Newsletter June 2024

Money 101: how to make the most of a lump sum cash flow boost

(including Bill 124 remedy payments)

Regardless of where you are on the pay grid, it’s important to make every dollar count, especially in today’s economy. So, if you’ve recently come into an inheritance or received a settlement through the Bill 124 remedy, here are 5 ways to maximize every dollar so that you can achieve your financial goals faster:


Unlocking Financial Potential:

Strategies for Bill 124 Settlement Webinar

 Are you one of the education members who will or have received a settlement through the Bill 124 remedy? Don’t miss our upcoming webinar designed to:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding surrounding the impacts of the Bill 124 remedy

  • Identify important tax and pension considerations

  • Empower you with valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate this financial landscape effectively Reserve your spot today

What you need to know about driving with pets and auto insurance


It’s not unusual to spot a dog’s head or nose sticking out of the window of a passing car – having the wind blow through their fur and taking in all sorts of scents. It can be an exhilarating experience, and it’s no wonder they enjoy it.

On the other hand, a driver caught with a dog in their lap may be in for an expensive surprise. According to the Ontario Provincial Police, there isn’t a specific charge for having a dog in your lap, but it could be considered a crowding the driver’s seat charge.

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