OTIP May 2021

New driver in the house? Discover how you can save money on insurance premiums! It’s no secret that new drivers pay higher car insurance premiums, as they have less experience behind the wheel and the need to build up a safe driving record. This inexperience contributes to the overrepresentation of teenage drivers in car accidents — although young Canadians represent 13% of the licensed driving population, they account for 20% of motor vehicle deaths and injuries.1 However, there are ways to save on car insurance for a new driver. Learn more at www.otipinsurance.com/article111

Protecting your privacy when using electronic pink slips In some Canadian provinces – including Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador – drivers can now display an electronic pink slip on their smartphone when asked for proof of insurance. This provides a more convenient option over paper pink slips, which can be easy to lose and difficult to replace. However, many drivers are wondering what their rights and responsibilities are when handing over their phone to a police officer – and how they can protect their privacy while obeying the law. Learn more at www.otipinsurance.com/article110.

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