OTIP June 2022

3 ways to safely tow a car behind your RV

RVs are a great way to explore the beautiful natural landscapes Canada has to offer without giving up the comforts of home. However, while RVs provide comfort and flexibility on the road, they’re not ideal for exploring parks, driving around city or residential streets, or finding a parking space. Let’s look at the three methods you can choose from to safely tow a vehicle behind your RV.

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Catalytic converter theft: What is it and what can you do to prevent it

In recent years, Canada has seen an alarming rise in the theft of catalytic converters, particularly since the start of the pandemic. Let’s take a look at what a catalytic converter is, why thieves are targeting it, and what you can do to protect yourself against catalytic converter theft.

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Renovations that you should call your insurance broker about

If you’re like many other Canadian homeowners who have recently come out of the pandemic, chances are you have either completed some type of renovation or have something planned in the future. Here’s a list of situations that are important to review with your broker ahead of time.

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