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Local Bargaining Bulletin

May 11, 2023

Your local Bargaining Committee wanted to provide an update on local bargaining.

On April 13, 2023, we met with the UGDSB in the afternoon to start the local bargaining process. On this date, we exchanged bargaining briefs and shared rationales on tabled items. Our brief was a full 30 pages double-sided to their brief of 9 pages single-sided.

We met for a second time on May 3, 2023. On this date, we agreed to some housekeeping items and participated in some preliminary discussions on bigger tabled items.

Today we met with the Board team for a third time and it was a very slow start. At the end of the day, the Board team provided us with a response to our full brief. We are very disappointed and frustrated to share that there has been very little movement from their side and we are very far apart in our priority items.

We will meet again for the day tomorrow and hope that we will be able to share more encouraging news. We do want to share that when we do reach an agreement we will not be asking members to ratify our Local Agreement until a Central Agreement has been reached.

In solidarity,

Cheryl Lampkin

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