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FDK Concerns March 25th

Good Morning,

I wanted to send an email to everyone at once to address concerns regarding FDK/Grade 1 splits. After doing some digging I was able to get accurate information regarding this and yes this is on the table for this coming year. It would only impact kindergarten classrooms where #'s are less than 16 and do not require an Early Childhood Educator to be placed in those classrooms. It is disappointing that after 13 years of not doing this that our board now considering it as an option. I have made it clear how disappointed we are. I do want to say, the Board is optimistic that with ongoing enrollment between now and the September reorg that this will not even be an issue. I continue to be in discussion on this topic.

I am waiting on confirmation on ECE allocation for next year and will communicate when I know.

If you have questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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