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Family Movie Morning for ESSP/ECE Members

We are Going to the Movies!

You are invited to the movies!! This is a private ESSP/ECE event in either Orangeville or Guelph. Each ESSP/ECE member can request up to 6 tickets per family. The movie theatre will open at 9:30 am and the movie will play at 10:30.(Before you ask, Yes this is the only time we can rent the theatres) November 26 Guelph Woodlawn December 3 Orangeville Concessions will be pre-purchased for you and will include regular popcorn and regular fountain drink, no other concessions will be available. No outside food or drink is allowed. The movie that will be shown is the animated Disney new release "Strange World" The film chronicles the legendary Clades, mainly Searcher Clade who has always been a farmer and has never had the bravery of his family of explorers, but they are forced to tackle their latest and most crucial mission as they must rely on each other and forced to put away their differences while in an uncharted and treacherous land of Avalonia to find a special creature that awaits.

Your group must be registered to attend. There will be no day of registration.

If you have questions please email me at or call 519-835-0031

Register Here

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