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The latest issue of Education Forum is now available at This issue includes articles and features on topics important to teachers, education workers, and everyone involved in public education. You can also follow Education Forum on Twitter—@EditorEdForum or like us on Facebook—@EducationForum. As usual, we hope you enjoy this issue’s articles. Feel free to share them with friends and colleagues. Below you will find quick-links to just three of the many excellent articles in our most recent issue.

Full issue Education Forum fall 2020, Vol. 47, Issue 1


OSSTF/FEESO—Racism, Oppression, Equity

The Provincial Executive of OSSTF/FEESO has penned this article to highlight the organization’s commitment to confronting systemic racism and oppression in our union. By highlighting our past work, the ongoing challenges, and the importance of looking inside at our own practices, “As an organization we will all benefit from this work and we will be stronger as a membership because of it.” Read more

OSSTF/FEESO—Le racisme, l’oppression, l’égalité

L’Exécutif provincial d’OSSTF/FEESO a rédigé cet article afin de souligner l’engagement de notre organisme à se dresser contre le racisme et l’oppression systémiques au sein de notre syndicat. En soulignant notre travail du passé, les défis incessants et l’importance d’examiner nos propres pratiques, « En tant qu’organisme, nous profiterons tous de ce travail et l’ensemble de nos membres en deviendra plus fort. »

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Exploring the white fragility narrative

When two OSSTF/FEESO members, one Black and one white, embarked on a cross-racial dialogue about their own experiences, they opened up to some difficult and important discussions. Along the way they fostered a friendship grounded in respect and a common commitment to fighting racism and oppression in all its forms. Read more

Online education during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic created a new face for education—one that is both emergency remote learning focused and pandemic-response focused. For students, education workers, and teachers, the challenges of working online heighten the inequities faced by many. Beyhan Farhadi notes that, “It is a privilege and a burden to learn online depending on your circumstance.” Read more

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