District Executive Positions to be Appointed

The District Executive Council (DEC) consists of the seven Bargaining Presidents, the District President, and Vice President, the District Treasurer, the Secretary, and 10 non-voting Officers

DEC meets several times per year and is the decision-making body for district issues between the District Annual General Meeting. DEC is responsible for the operation of the District Office and coordination between Bargaining Units. Attached you will find the current positions for this Executive open for application for Appointment. Various Positions - Repost https://mcusercontent.com/fd92d8e08ce1d6b287b53b308/files/40c62b91-e123-8850-2c82-8a1d712701f4/District_Executive_Officer_Vacancies.pdf District Treasurer https://mcusercontent.com/fd92d8e08ce1d6b287b53b308/files/f655bc9c-ae25-6451-5b48-53aebeff76b6/District_Treasurer_Vacancy_May_2022.pdf District Communications Officer https://mcusercontent.com/fd92d8e08ce1d6b287b53b308/files/9b39af01-ac9b-90c4-81eb-0cad578f07e9/District_Communications_Officer_Vacancy_May_2022_1.pdf

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