District Annual General Meeting June 2, 2021

District Annual General Meeting June 2, 2021

The District AGM will be held on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, at 4:30. (This is NOT our Bargaining Unit AGM).

Thank you to all members who came forward to participate as a delegate. All our delegate positions are now filled. Any D18 members may attend as a visitor even if they are not a delegate. Only delegates may speak on motions, ask questions, and vote as per the Constitution. Visitors are strictly observers and do not have the ability to vote, speak on motions, or ask questions. Any D18 member who wishes to observe the AGM as a visitor must contact the District President (teresa.katerberg@d18.osstf.ca) for instructions and a meeting link. Please find attached the on-time motions for the District AGM. https://mcusercontent.com/fd92d8e08ce1d6b287b53b308/files/a9b6b92e-44b8-766b-230e-c296752e0d23/Motions_AGM_2021.pdf In solidarity, Cheryl

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