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Call for Nominations for the Position of Treasurer

It came to my attention that this position was missing from the original call for nominations.

The following position is up for election: Treasurer

The Duties of the Treasurer are as follows as per the constitution:

8.7. Treasurer:

8.7.1. The Treasurer shall:

a. Keep an accurate account of the Bargaining Unit finances.

b. Report to the Annual General Meeting regarding the status of Bargaining Unit finances and present their recommendations on behalf of the Executive for the approval of the membership.

c. Maintain regular contact with the Treasurer of OSSTF District 18 in order to facilitate financial matters that affect the Bargaining Unit.

d. Attend all Provincial and District workshops pertaining to the position

e. Be a member of the Professional Development Committee and assist the committee with planning professional development duties, as well as preparing the appropriate financial paperwork for expense reimbursement.

f. Attend and provide a report to meetings of the Executive

g. And any other duties assigned by the Bargaining Unit Executive.

Members wishing to stand for election to the position should have their nominations sent (Nominations must be made by two ESSP/ECE members) no later than Friday, March 31st, 2023 @ 5:00 pm. Nominations should be forwarded to the Secretary, Shelley Matson at

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