District AGM Revised Meeting Notice

**REVISED_ Annual General Meeting Notice 2021

Please find attached the REVISED notice of meeting. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are required to reschedule our AGM. Please find attached an updated meeting notice as well as the nominations for Bargaining Unit Executive and other positions for 2021-2023. Vacant positions will be open for nomination as per: By-Law 7.5.4 Nominations can be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting with a mover and seconder provided no nominations were received for that position prior to nominations being closed as outlined in By-Law 12.1.1. Notice https://mcusercontent.com/fd92d8e08ce1d6b287b53b308/files/4a016e46-3d4a-4763-9df5-3dd59a95aac2/AGM_Notice_2021_New_Date.pdf Nominations https://mcusercontent.com/fd92d8e08ce1d6b287b53b308/files/101123e2-9cf8-45a5-94e6-249f250da42a/Bargaining_Unit_Executive_and_other_Positions_Nominations_2021.pdf In solidarity, Cheryl

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