Area Officers 2017-2019

Area officers are a liaison between school representatives and the bargaining unit executive. Our area officers communicate monthly with your school rep. There are 6 area officer positions and each officer is assigned one area.

Areas are divided into Guelph 1, Guelph 2, Central, East, North, and Dufferin.

Some reasons you may need to contact your area officer:

You are having issues with your school rep.

There are things happening at your worksite that you don’t think are correct.

You want to change your contact information.

You are having difficulty at your worksite.

You are having difficulty with colleagues or your Principal.


Our 2017-2019 Area Officers 

Ivy Woods   Guelph 1

Alissa Pearson   Guelph 2

Tracey Crewson   Central

Shelley Matson   East

Vacant  North Area

Dianna Wallace   Dufferin